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Despair. Reflect. Rebuild.

Posted on Nov 9 by

It’s 5:30 in the morning. I’ve been awake since 3.  I’m not drunk, anymore.  The girlfriend is upstairs trying to get some sleep and here I am, writing, trying...


Self Depricating Pumpkin Beer Drinkers

Posted on Aug 28 by

Pumpkin beers have never been my thing.  This really doesn’t mean a whole lot to the general public considering other things that I dislike that many enjoy include the NBA,...


De-Evolution of a Proper Beer Pour

Posted on Aug 8 by

Pouring a proper beer can be an art form.  Hell it can even win you competitions as evidenced by my friend Brian winning the National Duvel Pouring Competition a few years back....


Just Give Me the Damn Price!

Posted on Jul 19 by

Shopping through the internet has made life more simple than handing over your Google account information to the maker of the Pokemon Go app.  I can sit in my bed, on my couch or...


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