mjchairThese about me or bio sections have always been the hardest thing for me to write up.  It almost seems self centered to just write about myself.  Without getting wordy let me try to sum things up.

I was born in Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia.  I moved to South Florida at 14 and have now been living in Florida longer than I ever was in PA.  That’s scary to me.

I make beer for a living.  The craft beer industry is booming and it is my passion.  I’m run brewery operations at Due South Brewing Co. in Boynton Beach, FL.

I love podcasts, both listening to them and making them.  I co-host a pro wrestling podcast at Missed Spots Podcast.

Designing things is something I enjoy and feel proud about.  You can see some of my work here.

Writing is something I’ve always had a knack for.  I’ve just struggled with finding the time to sit down and actually write.  I certainly don’t lack in things to write about.  I can’t promise how often I’ll get commentaries up but I’ll do my best.  You can read my recent and past write ups here.

Other things I enjoy are video games, cocktails, Caribbean food (okay, food in general), progressive instrumental music, travel, sarcasm, lists of items.

Opinions are my own.